Problem statement
I needed to create a 404 page that informs users about the error and provides clear and intuitive navigation options to help them find the desired content or return to the main platform seamlessly. The 404 page should align with Shrimpy's brand identity, enhance user engagement, and ensure a positive user experience even in the face of error situations.
To address the issue of the current 404 page on Shrimpy's cryptocurrency portfolio management platform, I  implemented the following solutions:
>> Clear Error Messaging: The 404 page will provide a concise and user-friendly error message, clearly explaining that the requested page or content cannot be found. If possible, provide detail on the error the site has encountered.
>> Intuitive Navigation: I designed the 404 page with an intuitive navigation option, the "Go back home" button, to help users easily navigate to the main platform and find alternative content.
>> Brand Consistency and Engaging Visuals: The 404 page is aligned with our platform's overall brand identity, using consistent colors, typography, engaging visuals, and creative elements to maintain a cohesive user experience.
By implementing these solutions, I aimed to enhance user experience, reduce frustration, and ensure users can easily navigate our cryptocurrency portfolio management platform even when encountering a 404 error.
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